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Huff Recording has been in existence since 1969. We started in Laurel, MS and in 1984, re-located to the peace and quiet of the country in Forest, MS. God has now lead us to the Alcovy River basin between the urban sprawl of Atlanta and classic Athens Georgia. All of the music we record here is Christian. We also do Live Recordings for Church Choirs and Groups. Huff Recording offers a very relaxed atmosphere and the ability to come in and work at your own pace which is so important when producing a high-quality recording. Rest assured, we at Huff Recording are here to serve you, our most special client, with   assistance and supply all your recording needs in a brotherly and professional way. 







The warm, full rich sound of the world renowned Neve 8068 console will provide your projects with more character than can be obtained from an all-digital recording. Setting right next to this vintage “Class A” analog console is the latest and most powerful of the industries base core Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel DAWs.



mastering home





The SADiE Series 5 Mastering System is used to give your projects that final polishing today’s artists need to succeed. Your levels will be consistent and you will be the same volume as the other guy. At this point we can still perform edits, getting the songs just the way you want them on your CD.