The Best Is Yet To Come – 40th Anniversary (DVD and/or CD, MP3 & FLAC48)

The Best Is Yet To Come – 40th Anniversary (DVD and/or CD, MP3 & FLAC48)

A big thanks to The Lord Jesus Christ and Twyla, my wife, who wrote in a notebook on November 27, 2016 that she wanted to somehow honor David and the Giants’ 40th year anniversary with a live DVD! With God ALL things are possible! Thank you Lord!

Thanks to Pastors David and Kim Blunt and Church On The Rock, words cannot express our love and appreciation to you all for helping make this DVD possible. You all are amazing. To Daniel, my son-in-law and my daughter, Tamara Blunt for your organizational skills in putting everything into motion. To my grandchildren Ava, Ethan and Lana Blunt for their help (Ethan is especially good at selling spinners) how wonderful you are.

To the Church On The Rock team: Mike Moore, Eli Robles, Abram Schulte, Josh Alicea, Rick Marrero, Tommy Prater, Brandon Brinkley, Ileana Brinkley, Brandon Allen, Fran Nevue, Debbie Urzi, Sean Himmel, Jill Jacobsen, Tim Wilgus and Macy Mendez.

David and the Giants would
like to honor our first
Pastor, Brother Kenneth
Morgan who loved us and
sacrificed so much to see
us come into the Light of
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you very much to those who contributed to the non-profit David and the Giants Mission Fund, Inc.

Nancy Johnson / Mark & Renee Lee / Bill & Karen Magee / Lloyd & Pam Bustard / Mallard & Sharon Guy / Larry & Judy Batte / Bennie & Virginia Batte / Mark Barclay Ministries / Pastor Mike & Brenda Berner of Grace Fellowship Church / Jim Wideman / Nick Mohlman / Chris Meadows / Rick & Elizabeth Waters / Pastor Tim & Dorcas Hammond at New Life Apostolic Church / James Mattson / Dave & Beth Langston / Pastor Joe and Linda Wingo / Pastor DJ & Karla Shoulders at 1st Apostolic Church / Pastor Dwight & Kathy Dunbar at Work of God Church / Pastor Jerry & Karen Poplin at Lighthouse Family Church / Pastor Lawrence & Saleena Bishop of Solid Rock Church / Bill & Donna Grant / James Shank / Tony Bolt / Linda Nazelrod / David Carper / Andrew Price / Carl Massengale / Paul & Sandra Warren / George Matranga / Tony Bosserman / Jeffrey Goodall / and all the anonymous givers…

Thanks to all those who have pre-bought this DVD/CD set, and those who purchased t-shirts, water bottles, spinners…… all of this truly supports David and the Giants’ Mission Fund to promote the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Thanks very much for all the prayers!!! Please keep David and the Giants in prayer as we are approaching a time when we are going into other countries with The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Best is Yet To Come.

– – – – –

Available to be shipped in DVD Only, CD Only or DVD/CD Set (CD Only and DVD/CD Set includes immediate MP3 downloads)

Downloads available in MP3 and FLAC (The FLAC48 version is in High Definition and includes the MP3 tracks for download)

All proceeds go to the David and the Giants Mission Fund, Inc. and support the missions.

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