I Was The Nails (Single) – MP3 Single

I Was The Nails (Single) – MP3 Single

In this latest single release for 2017, fans will be exposed to a perfect song for Easter designed to be the most motivating and captivating music produced in his recent years. The new single “I Was the Nails” is designed to thrill fans and directly link with their inner souls and hearts; thereby drawing them closure to the knowledge of God’s love; whether they are veteran fans to his music or first timers.




I Was The Nails (Single) Preview


I Was The Nails (Single) Lyrics

Words and Music by Gary Turner

If I were the ground where Jesus knelt down to pray
I would have told Him I loved Him
In so many ways
I would have liked to have been the flower
That drank of His tears
I would have reached up to touch Him
And comfort Him there
But I was the cup He was to drink of
I was the hurt He felt inside
And I was the nails that held Him there
And He was the answers to my prayers

I would have liked to have been the purple robe
They made my Jesus wear
I would have wrapped myself around Him
And showed Him I care
And if I was a robin looking down from the tree
I would have sung Him a love song
“How  Could This Be”
Repeat Chorus
And if I were the Sun I too would have hid my face
And if I was the Earth I’d tremble and shake
And if I was the clouds I would thunder and cry Oh Oh
But I was the spear that pierced His side
Repeat Chorus

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