Proclaim – MP3 Album

Proclaim – MP3 Album

David’s passionate relationship with Christ is shown in the songs on Proclaim. When Mercy Found Me is a song that is particularly meaningful to David. When asked about it, he replied,

“This song was inspired during a recent trip to Africa. As much as we need the mercy of God in America, it seems like they might need a little more mercy, since there are so many people over there who have never heard the Gospel of Christ.”

Includes My Song Of Praise radio hit and Blue Eyes Like Janey’s take a straight forward look at the issue of abortion in this country. The project features a guest appearance on drums by legend Vinnie Colaiuta on songs such as When Mercy Found Me, Holy Rain, and With A Prayer.

Blue Eyes Like Janey’s track and the Single CD is dedicated in memory of all the aborted babies who never had a chance in this life.

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