Really – MP3 Album

Really – MP3 Album

Really, the first solo project after David & The Giants disbanded in 1997 puts David Huff back on his musical journey. Keith Thibodeaux and Clayborn Huff along with other musicians and vocalists from David & The Giants appeared on this project. Includes the popular worship song, You Surround Me.

This CD is dedicated in memory of John Yalovich. John you left behind a memory of a person who was so much like Jesus. Brother we miss you…See you soon!

I’ve always been hesitant to share this, but I feel this is the time. I know to some it might sound a little strange, but back in the year of 1978, one year after I was born into the family of God, there was a voice speaking to me in my sleep around 3:00 am. I was first asleep, but the voice kept getting louder and louder. When I woke up, I sat up in bed while the voice was still speaking. His voice was saying “Keep on Singing, Keep on Singing My Song“. Over and over I kept hearing this voice say these words. I had never heard a voice like this. For some reason, I had always imagined the voice of the Lord as a very low booming voice, but His voice was a monotone voice, not wavering up or down, but just keeping the same pitch. His voice was not to high pitched nor low, but very precise in saying “Keep on Singing, Keep on Singing My Song“. When I answered and said, “Yes, Lord”, the voice stopped.

At this time, I was dating, who I thought would some day be my wife, and I wanted to be sure He approved. Since the Lord was right there, I spoke, “Lord, what about Twyla?”. The voice said, “Marry Her”. Everything was real quite for a few minutes. I got up to tell my brother Rayborn about what had happened. I went through this whole experience with him. The following evening, I went to first propose to my future wife and as I was about to ask her, I remembered the  voice said to me “Marry Her”. I looked in her eyes and said “I’m going to Marry You”.

So my first thanks is to the Lord for speaking to me in such a way that I was never quite the same after that night. I thank Him for blessing me with the greatest gift other than salvation, my wife.

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