David and the Giants has a brand new Studio Project “What Are You Waiting For?”, first full studio album since 1996. The original band — David Huff, his twin brothers Rayborn Huff and Clayborn Huff with Keith Thibodeaux, Little Ricky from the “I Love Lucy” show has been in the studio recording all new songs for this album.

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After a newfound relationship with Jesus Christ in the summer of 1977, the band sought to change the very foundation of the group from the secular rock scene to a different style of Christian music. Through 1997 the original band and other musicians produced 17 inspiring contemporary Christian Rock albums.

In 2013, after the original band had started performing reunion concerts, it was in Pearl, MS where a performance was recorded and tracked live. After reviewing the results of the live tracks and some studio overdubs added – The album Still Rockin’ [Live] was produced. The original band continues to perform concerts, church performances and international travel missions.

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Since 2007, the David and the Giants original band members have produced the live album Still Rockin’ in 2014. 2017, their 40th Anniversary year brought two live recordings. In Pearl, MS a live event was recorded and it turned out so well, David and the Band had to release it for the fans. “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” set the stage for the 40th Anniversary Event DVD Project “The Best Is Yet To Come” that was released end of 2017 and available early 2018.

2017 also was the year David and the Giants Mission Fund, Inc. (a 501c3 Non-Profit) was formed in hopes to take their heart-engaging music around the world. The 40th Anniversary DVD is very instrumental in this new found effort.

And now what will become widely known as the Best Studio Project to date “What Are You Waiting For” was released in March 2019!

David and the Giants, Here’s My Heart Music Video from the Philippines