Shipping for physical products is included in the respective Contiguous 48-States and International purchase option prices.

For international shipping of the USB option, please contact us. Many laws and customs could affect shipping the device to you.

About Our Audio Formats

Encoded from CD Masters or 48kHz/24-bit Studio Masters in 320-bit DRM-free files.

Download included with all our media purchase options!
Also available on our USB-SD media option!

FLAC44s are encoded from our CD Masters for near CD quality.

FLAC48s are encoded from our 48khz/24-bit Studio Masters for better than CD quality.

Our 48kHz-24-bit Studio Master files shipped on USB media.

Available only with our USB-HD media option!


The Other Me


All Music


Contact us for performance tracks you are interested in which are not available here! Performance tracks are licensed for live performances only and not authorized for recording!

Available T-Shirts

Limited quantities of T-Shirts are now available!