Huff Recording Studios is considered to be one of the finest recording facilities you can find anywhere. With a creative atmosphere to work in, Huff Recordings Studios can help provide you with a master recording you’ll be very pleased with. From producing, to engineering, to mixing, to mastering, David gets involved at any and all different stages of the process that has helped so many Christian artist in the world today.

As with his artistry, David is motivated by a desire to use his recording and producer’s experience to serve Christian songwriters, bands, choirs, musicians and singers from all Christian Genres.

Clients are not only like friends, but like family. David takes your music as seriously as you do and would love to help take you and your project to the next level in your musical journey.


The Studio

Located just west of St. Louis, MO in Defiance, MO – the studio is in a unique position for today’s recording artist to bridge the analog and digital worlds of recording by using the best of both. Combined with his “ear” and the knowledge of when to use analog or digital, David records, edits, mixes  and masters the entire project in-house. He also does Live Recordings for Church Choirs and Groups that can be arranged on-location.

  • Neve Console
  • Vintage 2-Track
  • ProTools Station
  • Amps
  • Neve Console
  • Vintage Tape

Whether you are a first time recording artist or a veteran, we honor the opportunity to help you with every aspect of music production to ensure your project captures the your vision. Rest assured, David and his team is here to serve you, our most special client, in a brotherly and professional way.

David enjoys sitting down and sharing meals with his clients to really get a chance to know their hearts and how to best serve them…


The Packages

With so many options to choose from, David works with each and every individual client to develop an affordable and professional custom package specifically suited for the project. From full turnkey solutions to specific portions of projects are all available – just contact David to discuss your projects specific needs. Here a some of the key services your project may need:

  • Recording, Editing & Mixing Engineers
  • Midi Programming
  • Studio Musicians, want David’s guitar on your project – make it so!
  • Extra Vocals
  • Mastering. Signal Restoration & Enhancement, iTunes Master & CD Master
  • Manufactured CD Packages, David can get you in-touch with Graphics Artists if needed for covers, digipacks, etc.
  • Giant Records, UPC Barcode and each Tracks ISRC codes can be provided for a nominal fee.


The warm, full rich sound of the world renowned Neve 8068 console will provide your projects with more character than can be obtained from an all-digital recording.

Setting right next to this vintage “Class A” analog console is the industries standard Pro Tools|HD digital audio workstation.

If some vocal takes need to be edited together or a not quite perfect track needs fixing they can be quickly brought into Pro Tools and completed with minimal time.

With the afforded capability to bring any projects already in Pro Tools here to get the warmth and final mix expertise that our equipment and engineers can offer, finishes your project a step above the rest.

NEVE 8068 32 Channel Recording Console Features

• 4 Returns and Patchbay
• Neve Mic Pre’s (32)
Often advertised by studios as the most prestigious MIC Pre’s that exist!

ProTools HD|3 Accel DAW Features

• Digidesign 192 I/O 16-Channel Interfaces (2)
• Digidesign SYNC
• Apogee Word Clock
• MAC Pro with Dual 21″ Monitors
• Up to 192kHz/24-bit Audio
• ProTools HDpack Plug-in Bundle
• Waves Bundle
• Bomb Factor Plug-ins
• Digidesign DigiRack Plug-ins
• ProTools Ignition Pack 2 Pro Collection
• Soft-Clip Limiter for Hotter Recordings
• M-Audio Keystudio Controller

PreSonus Central Station
Speaker Models

• Auratones
• Yamaha NS-10M
• Dynaudio BMSA
• Event Studio Precision Stereo w/Bag End-Sub

Personal Monitoring System

• Furman HDS-16
• Furman HRM-16 Remote Mixers (4)
• Furman HR2 Headphone Boxes (4)

Keyboard Models

• Korg Triton Extreme
• Yamaha Motif ES-7
• Fender Rhodes Mark II Stage-73
• Whurlitzer Elec Piano Wood Body
• Hammond B-3 w/122 Leslie

Amp Models

• Matchless Independance
• Marshall JCM 800, JCM 2550
• Fender SuperAmp, Vibrolux-Reverb, Tremolux+Cab, Bassman, ’68 Twin and Champ (2)
• Music Man 65
• Ampeg SS140C, Reverberocket, B15 and SVT4
• 65 Amps (London)
• Reason Amps: SM-50, Grande and Bambino
• Divided by 13

Microphone Models

• AKG 414 (2), C451EB (4), C12VR, D-112
• Audiotechnica 4033
• Beyer Dynamic M422, M201, M420
• EV RE20 (2)
• Heil PR-40
• Microtech Geffel GMBH (3)
• Milab VIP50
• Neumann U67, U87, KM84I (2), M150, CMV563 w/Cap M8
• Neumann Geffell CMV693 w/Power Supply N61 and Cap M75
• RCA 44D
• Sennheiser MD-421 (4), MD-441 (2)
• Royer 121 Ribon Mike (2)
• Shure SM81 (3), SM91A, Beta81, Unidyne (2), SM57
• Telefunken Elam 251 (2)
• Yamaha Sub kick

Preamp Models

• Focusrite ISA110 Modules (2)
• API 512B (2), 550A (2), 550B
• Avalon VT737SP


Instead of shipping the project to Nashville or New York it can be mastered right here in-house at David’s Mastering Desk with his SADiE Disk Editor and Master Pack. The SADiE System is used to give your projects that final polishing today’s artists need to succeed. Your levels will be consistent and you will be the same volume as the other guy.

Individual songs can be seamlessly edited to alter verse placement within the song. At this point your songs can be put in any order you choose. Additionally, start and end of track, and indexes are defined for disc navigation, getting the songs just the way you want.

When you have your project Mastered, it brings it up to par with everyone else. Mastering summed up means putting the polish on your project and giving it that extra “umph.”

Sadie Series 5 Disk Editor

The SADiE platform meets the demand for more powerful high-speed processing of today’s high-resolution audio formats up to 192kHz/24-bit.

The Master Pack offers the Red Book Mastering option which also includes CD Pre-Mastering to DDP/CDR with ISRC and UPC/EAN Codes, Mastering Limiter, Hi-Dither, PQ Editing & List Printing, etc.

• SADiE Breakout Unit
• 8 inputs & 8 outputs
• AIFF, WAV, BWF file support
• sample accurate waveform editing

Alesis MasterLink ML-9600
Manley Stereo Gear

• Variable-MU Limiter Compressor
• Massive Passive 4-Band Parametric Equalizer

PreSonus Central Station
Speaker Models

• Auratones
• Yamaha NS-10M
• Dynaudio BMSA
• Event Studio Precision Stereo w/Bag End-Sub