David Huff’s latest CD ‘Born For This‘ plays to his life story of what he was born for — using his gift of musicianship to “reach the unreachable”.

David launched his solo career in 2000 after his group, David & The Giants amicably disbanded in 1997. Aimed at continuing to spread his message of God’s love through music, he has produced six successful albums on his label, Giant Records.

  • Really (2000)
  • Proclaim (2003)
  • Do You Know What I Mean (2008)
  • Living In The Future (2012)
  • Wait (2013)
  • Born For This (2016)

Songs like ‘My Song of Praise’ and ‘You Saved My Life’ from these projects have made the Radio Charts. ‘Living In The Future’ and ‘Wait’ went back to bring some of the timeless favorites from David & The Giants as a prelude to a live recording with the original band.

Now David turns another page in his destinies’ story, to continue what he was born for. ‘Born for This’, his sixth solo project consist of 10 new stunning tracts and one reprise. You will find this mix of new tracks to be the most innovative music produced in his recent years. Whether you are new to his music or a veteran fan, ‘Born For This’ will instantly connect with your heart and soul.

Born and raised in Pineville Mississippi, David developed a keen appreciation for country and truly soulful music. At an early age, his life being filled with music from his daddy’s guitar,  David learned to “sense and feel” the music in the world around him from the raw grit of early southern rock to the moody, mournful cries of the blues. 

While he is most widely known for his inspiring years with the contemporary Christian Rock group, David and the Giants, David Huff’s musical journey is far from over. From his early days with his sister on radio and the Louisiana Hayride – backed by Elvis’ drummer, D.J. Fontana, the south Mississippi native built a musical foundation that has carried him for decades.

Catch up on David’s history with David & The Giants, both Secular and Christian at the band page.

After about 5 years Keith Thibodeaux left the group and he and his twin brothers split up musically. During this time David made a solo record, ‘Glory Hallelujah’. He remembered, “I wasn’t serving the Lord at that time but I was going through some personal things and ended up writing a gospel song. MGM Records flew me to California to record it. God certainly moves in mysterious ways.”

On a chance meeting with Thibodeaux after a fraternity gig, he heard all about Little Ricky’s new-found faith on the ride home. “It was around Puckett Mississippi that Keith was talking about Jesus and everything was making sense,” Huff said. “For the first time since I was a little boy, I felt happy inside.”

By 1977 David and his twin brothers had all come to following Jesus and they reformed the “Christian” David and the Giants band. Through 1997 the new David and the Giants traveled the globe spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Afterwards David would take to the road again, solo and recorded his first Christian Album ‘Really’ in 2000. In 2008, David recorded a personal instrumental project called ‘Let My Guitar Talk’ show casing guitar and strings with one track ‘The Love Of My Life’ dedicated to his wife, Twyla.

While his artistry always remains at the forefront, David also owns a Recording Studio where he has recorded a vast array of artists such as Chris Tomlin, Vicki Yoh’e, Doyle Dykes, The Williams Brothers, Tommy Sims, and many others. Read about his Recording, Mastering and Producer options here

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“We all were born with a purpose on this Earth. We have to know and find What We Were Born For”

David Huff

David Huff, Right Place Right Time (In The Studio) Video


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