Let my newest music flow in your heart and enrich your soul.

This 10-song project ranges from sobering reflections of the cello to hard-hitting rock guitar … and then some between. David and long-time friend Tommy Sims teamed up to produce this album.


Something Going On




Mississippi native David Huff learned to “sense and feel” the music in the world around him from the raw grit of early southern rock to the moody, mournful cries of the blues at an early age and started playing guitar at age eleven. From his earlier days with his sister on radio and the Louisiana Hayride – backed by Elvis’ drummer, D.J. Fontana, the south Mississippi native built a musical foundation that has carried him for decades.

He and his band, David and the Giants got their start in Muscle Shoals with Rick Hall, singing with Capitol Records. “Ten Miles High” and “Super Love” were some of their hits back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

His first solo record, ‘Glory Hallelujah’ came after Keith Thibodeaux, (a child actor on the “I Love Lucy” and “The Andy Griffith” shows) had left the secular David and the Giants group and he and his twin brothers split up musically. He remembered, “I wasn’t serving the Lord at that time, but I was going through some personal things and ended up writing a gospel song. MGM Records flew me to California to record it. God certainly moves in mysterious ways.”

After 3 years, God was merciful, and David was filled with The Holy Spirit in 1977 and has been singing His song ever since! He and his band, David and the Giants got back together for many inspiring years as a contemporary Christian Rock group. Catch up on David’s history with David and the Giants, both Secular and Christian at the band page.

‘Here’s My Heart’, ‘My Song of Praise’, ‘You Saved My Life’, and ‘The Cross is the Answer’ are some of the radio hits of David Huff / David and the Giants.

David teamed up with long-time friend Tommy Sims to produce his latest album “Higher Power”. In some of the songs on this album, you will hear hints of his Mississippi roots and the Muscle Shoals influences. This ten-song project ranges from sobering reflections of the cello to hard-hitting rock guitar … and then some between. Many of his solo projects through the years bring back some of the timeless favorites from David and the Giants. In 2008, David recorded a personal instrumental project called ‘Let My Guitar Talk’ showcasing guitar and strings with one track ‘The Love of My Life’ dedicated to his wife, Twyla. In recent years David has released the ‘Right Place Right Time’ single and the ‘Born for This’ album.

“The Cross is the Answer” is the 1st Radio Release off my new project, HIGHER POWER. There’s nothing more powerful than the cross.

David Huff