As I look back on my life I can see more clearly now that THE HAND of the Lord was always there for me. Although at one point and time when the Lord was drawing me out of the “Rock World and my United Artist recording contract”, I was really in a state of desperation. The Lord used different people in strategic places and times to witness to me and help me. When I was in a restaurant in Laurel, Mississippi I met a waiter, who was so persistent about me coming to church. I finally went only to get him off my back. I was at The Right Place and it was The Right Time for my life. I would never be the same after that night. There are Seasons in all our lives that if we allow willingly situations to advance our relationship with the Lord Jesus, then we can honestly say “All things are working together for my Good” for I know I’m at the Right Place and it’s the Right Time.  –David Huff


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