Born For This (CD & MP3)

Born For This (CD & MP3)

This album contains all new songs and the most innovative music David has done in recent years. Whether you are new to his music or a veteran fan, “Born For This” will instantly connect with your heart and soul.

David Huff plays to his life story of what he was born for in the “Born For This” CD Album. His toddler life being filled with music from his daddy’s guitar inspired him for the journey ahead. He and his sister sang on local Mississippi radio and later the Louisiana Hayride – backed up by Elvis’ drummer, D.J. Fontana. Later he formed his first rock band and followed the road of rock and roll. After a bandmate became a believer it pointed Huff toward the truth of what he was Born For!

Rescued from the storm of drugs and rock & roll he gave his life to Jesus Christ and became an early Christian Rock (Contemporary) genre of music with a well known band, David & the Giants, traveling the world playing music and spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ.

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